Combating Loneliness In Addiction Recovery

Doing so can build up your motivation to stay consistent with your recovery. If you’re recovering right now, it’s essential to understand that isolating yourself during treatment is difficult but healthy. The next time you feel loneliness in recovery, replace that feeling with the joys of solitude. It’s simply your soul telling you it needs replenished and enriched by you and you alone. As Business Insider previously reported, loneliness can have significantly affect people’s mental and physical well-being. Over time, loneliness can damage a person’s sleep schedule, immune system, heart health, and memory if the issue isn’t reversed.

  • We’ll review the research on the topic – there’s not much – and conclude with our top ten tips on managing loneliness during recovery.
  • Grieving your losses can be therapeutic and help with feelings of loneliness.
  • If that’s the case, you may be able to connect with your group digitally.
  • Recovery from a substance use disorder is a challenging process, and it can be lonely at times.
  • As a result, as the predominance of social media rises, our ability to connect and build healthy relationships actually decreases.
  • You are making friends with like-minded people who share many of the same experiences and pain that you face.

Your community can also help to hold you accountable during critical moments of your journey. Often, as the person tries to hide substance use from loved ones or minimize the way it has affected their loneliness in recovery life, they can fall deeper into substance use. People suffering from substance use disorder, or SUD, can eventually cause serious damage to their relationships, potentially losing them altogether.

Loneliness and Self-Isolation

Those who escape an addiction are at particular risk from loneliness because it can lead eventually to relapse. With this last tip, we want to remind you that – although this lonely moment or phase may be miserable – you’re in recovery. You take positive steps every day to stay on your program, stay in recovery, and stay sober. That means you’re alive and living life on your terms – rather than terms dictated by an alcohol or substance use disorder.

  • Our treatment philosophy is based on a comprehensive and integrated approach to addressing all issues related to substance use and mental health disorders.
  • Loneliness in recovery is normal, but it may be detrimental to your progress.
  • This challenge may increase your loneliness as you feel nobody else understands your feelings’ intensity and complexity.
  • Leaving loneliness behind helps you be surrounded by people who care about you and lets you experience fellowship in a healthy and loving way.

All of these new experiences present chances to connect with people around you. Relationships are given and taken, but that also makes them active and connected. If you’re taking the time to listen to others and reach out to others when they need it, you’re also connecting, which helps remove the emotional detachment of being lonely. Giving support and receiving support is another way to deal positively with loneliness. But it’s important to remember that isolation during addiction recovery is only temporary.

Why Is Sobriety So Lonely?

Having someone by your side during such difficult times can make it easier to seek help in the first place. In general, those who struggle with loneliness are at higher risk of developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol. “When we had our first meeting, I asked them, ‘How many of you have people you can talk to?’ And only half the people raised their hand,” Lamy said. Bridges of Hope is an accredited drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation center with customized programs tailored to each individual patient. You are bound to meet new people who share your interests — and maybe feel good about contributing to your community. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing a holistic approach to recovery.

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